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Ball king

Controls: use your mouse to play

You can change your ball sprite

There are also other modes

This is a bottle flipping game.Instructions : You click on space to flip and you press your down and up arrow on your computer to set your difficulty

Captain America vs Iron man

This is a multiplayer game.

The controls for captain america are : W,A,S,D, F AND G. Controls for iron man are: the arrow keys, j, k, ,l and i

Save the sea

you must use your arrow keys in order to play this game

4 -Games in one

you have four different games in one .

Scratch runner instructions: arrow keys .

Tank shoot instructions: use arrow keys to navigate and space button to shoot.

Platform games instructions: use the space button to jump.

Little platformer game instructions: use your arrow keys.

Super Scratch bros

In this game you will use your arrow keys and if you get a power-up use use space depending on the power-up you get .