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My name is Joshua Ibe and I am currently enrolled in the Coders Series Intership Program. I built this Robotics website as part of my project in the Coder Internship program. The program has been very exciting, enlightening and I have learnt many valuable information and techniques about coding. My hobbies are drawing comics and reading books. I am a football fan and my favourite subjects are Maths and Science. I am thankful to my supervisors and tutors in the program for all their support and help. I chose Robotics for my project because I love to know how robots work, how they are used to achieve so many things in science and technology. Robotics is gradually becoming popular and I am very excited about them. Of course, they can never replace people beause people are very intelligent, afterall, people create robots. Anyway, maybe oneday, I may work with NASA to learn more about their Robotics program and probably use my coding knowledge there.