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Eba and Soup

This is an African delicacy


This is a french snack


This is a picture of a regular American meal


And finally a snack you can eat anytime anyday

Afican Food

African food is one of the spiciest meals in the entire world. When you taste food from Africa it'll probably have lots of pepper as most Africans love adding plenty pepper to their meals. Read More

French Food

French food is not just any ordinary meal you buy from fast food restaurant, no it has its story, it has its feeling, it has its meaning and most especially, it has its taste. Read More

American Food

Do you want a taste of magic? Do you want to understand food? Do you want to feel alive? Then get up and go to the nearest American fast food restaurant where you would truly understand. Read More

Chinese Food

Enjoy a blast of different exotic sea delicacies and see what the great China is all about. Read More