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About Us

Coder Series

Coder Series is a hands on, mentoring and Industry related Coding Series. preparing Kids, Teens & Adults for tomorrow's Job market kick starting or advancing their IT Career.

Coder Series is the IT Training Platform of Techiefy Ltd, UK. A Global Technology and Consulting firm on a mission to provide Smart Technology Solutions, Consulting, Advisory & IT Training service to individuals and corporates.

Our Mission

The Coder Series Mission

We are on a Mission to train and mentor 1,000 young Tech leaders in the next 5 years from across the world who will innovatively solve the world’s simplest and most complex problems with the power of Smart and Digital Technology.

Guided by experienced hands, this young leaders will create new markets and value networks, displace incumbents, rattle and dominate Industries, redefine the status quo, creating multi billion dollar Tech Enterprises !

What we do

The Coder Series Advantage

We are building the next generation of developers

At Coder series, we prepare and propel the young generation for the future with our robust array of IT Courses and individualized Training. At Coder Series, every student thrives!

We push your career a step ahead

Accelerate your career with IT skills for the new normal. Get ahead with our courses delivered by Industry experts with vast experience