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Focused on Global Goals

In line with the Coder Series Vision and Mission, to mentor 1,000 young Tech Leaders in the next 5 years, our core objectives are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goas (UN-SDGs).

The Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. They address the global challenges we face, including poverty, inequality, climate change, poor education, environmental degradation, peace, justice and few other areas.

All Projects engaged in by all our learners are aligned with the UN-SDG Goals, making each learner a part of a Global community taking action towards the key target areas.

Out of the 17 UN-SDGs, we have selected 9 of them which will remain our primary focus in the medium term.


The Coder Series Mission

We are on a Mission to train and mentor 1,000 young Tech leaders in the next 5 years from across the world who will innovatively solve the world’s simplest and most complex problems with the power of Smart and Digital Technology.

Guided by experienced hands, this young leaders will create new markets and value networks, displace incumbents, rattle and dominate Industries, redefine the status quo, creating multi billion dollar Tech Enterprises !

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Prepare the young generation with IT skills for the future

We prepare and propel the young generation for the future with our robust array of IT Courses and individualized Training. At Coder Series, every student thrives!

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Build new IT Skills to get ahead in your career

Accelerate your career with IT skills for the new normal. Get ahead with our courses delivered by Industry experts with vast experience

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Expert Instructors

Our Instructors are Industry practitioners with vast experience, implementing projects globally

Career Fastrack

Get the Coder Series advantage to accelerate your Career with our robust Tech courses

Developmental Support

Together with our community of developers, we support you as you venture into your IT career